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Fire Intuition

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Fire Intuition


You can MANIFEST at anytime. The best time to Manifest is during the New Moon Cycle. (The First 3 Days) Manifest! Manifest! Manifest! 


Release, Let Go, Forgive! The Full Moon is the best time to release and let go of old feelings, patterns, habits, cycles, and emotions. 


Daily AFFIRMATIONS are the best! My favorite is " My Tears Have Healed My Heart " Say them daily and as much as possible!  


Let the Universe know you CARE! Show some GRATITUDE! Be thankful for everything you have. Start your mornings with Gratitude... I promise you will see a difference. 

crystals & sage

Sage - Is used to get rid of negative energies, and to clear your space, home, & self. You set the intention

Crystals - For starters I recommend getting a Chakra crystal kit to help you align your Chakras. Also a Rose Quartz to help with love, feelings, & emotions. 

Sun - moon - rising

Curious to know what your Sun, Moon, & Rising sign is?!

SUN - How you see yourself, your personality and the things you like. 

MOON - Your feelings and emotions, and how you process them, your Heart

RISING - How people, and the world see you. How you come off to people. 

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